How To Install CWM Recovery On Q Mobiles MTK Devices

How To Install CWM Recovery On Q Mobiles Pakistani Android Phones Now you can easily install custom recovery on any device of QMobile, Voice, Dany or MTK phones.

Note: To avoid any unfortunate occurrences make a backup of your phone before beginning. If you don’t know how to do it, check out the link below.

How To Create Qmobile backup Firmware Stock ROM

Now the question arises as to what exactly is Clockwork Mod Recovery? It is a custom recovery with which we can perform the following functions.

  • You can create a backup for your stock ROM.
  • You can flash any other custom ROM.
  • Any themes, kernels and mods can be installed.
  • Data can be reset.
  • You can create an SD card partition and swipe ROM.
  • You can format or mount the system and many more things.

For more information check out the link below.

Up till now I have easily installed CWM recovery on QMobile A2 v2, v3, A110, A5, A2 Lite, A120, A34, Voice Mobile V40 and VGO Tel. Hopefully it will work on your device as well Hello everyone. Hopefully everyone is doing well. Last time we showed you how to flash your backup. Today we will be showing you how to easily install CWM recovery using backup via boot image so that your phone does not go into boot loop. So let’s get started with the tutorial. Follow the guide given below.


  • If you have already created back up your phone then open MTK Droid Tool and click on Root Shell Recovery.
  • After the root shell is received, click on root backup recovery and select boot image.
  • CWM Recovery Install
  • After selecting the boot image, click on recovery. This will save your device’s boot image in the Backups folder.
  • Open the Backups folder and click on your respective device’s folder and select its boot image.
  • As soon as you select it a window will appear, click on the “Yes” button.
  • This will start patching your boot image, during the process there will appear a warning message. Click on “No” option or else your device can go into a Boot Loop.

CWM Recovery Install1

  • After that another window will appear. Here you have to click “Yes”. After a few minutes recovery will be installed.
  • A boot to recovery message will be displayed. You should go into recovery and check it.

And there you have it. Now with backup and restore you can make a fresh backup there. Hopefully this tutorial was useful to all the users.