How to Create your Own boot animation android

Hello everyone. We hope you are doing well.

In our last tutorial we described what boot animation is and we even attached a self-created boot animation as a sample. In that thread we got a lot of requests from people asking us to upload a tutorial on how to make a boot animation. The link for that thread is given below.

Now we will show you how to make boot animation. Just follow the steps below.

boot animation


  1. Your phone should be rooted.
  2. You will need a PC that has either Windows XP or Windows 7.
  3. Just a little bit of basic knowledge is also required.

Boot animation has 3 parts, first two parts are related to the image and the third part is about modification of boot animation preview.


  1. First of all make two separate folders and name one part0 and the other part1. Remember that part0 and part1 should be written in small letters with no space in between.
  2. Now you will need pictures that will be displayed as boot animation according to your standards.
  3. Copy the pictures you want in both part0 and part1 folders.
  4. Rename the pictures in this order 00, 01 and 02.
  5. If you have 10 pictures in part1 and if the last picture was renamed as “10” then in the part2 folder the first picture will be renamed as 11 and the next picture in part1 is will be renamed as 12 and so on.
  6. After copying the pictures then on your PC go to desktop and right click and in the new option open a new text document and create a txt file.
  7. Now rename this txt file as desc. Whatever number you have to write in this text file are there in the screenshot attached along with all the guidance so kindly read it carefully.
  8. After creating desc txt file you will have two folders named part0 and part1 and one text file named as desc.
  9. Now select the two folders and one txt file and click on add to archive option here you will have rar and zip options, select zip and on the left side there will be an option of compression method it will be on normal, switch it to “store” and then click Okay.
  10. Now your zip file is ready which has two folder and one txt file. Rename this entire zip file to bootanimation.
  11. Now you will need root explorer or a file manager that has access to system files. We use root explorer so open it and copy the zip file and go to system folder and then paste it in media folder and it then it will ask about replacing the file. Click okay.

Congratulations you have successfully created and changed your boot animation. Restart your phone and check.

Most commonly made mistakes that people make because of which boot animation does not work are as follows:

  1. They don’t rename their images step wise like 01, 02, 03….,10.
  2. They save their images on formats other than jpg or png.
  3. In the desc txt file they don’t leave on empty line at the end for this kindly refer to the screenshot.
  4. While making the zip file people don’t switch from compression to store format.

So instead of commenting that it does not work or it is fake please avoid these mistakes. Remember us in your prayers.