how to create Qmobile backup Up for Pakistani Android Phones

Hello everyone. In the last tutorial we taught you how to root Pakistani Android Devices and in this tutorial we will show you how to create Qmobile backup Firmware Stock ROM for it. Keep reading for the tutorial.

First of all let’s discuss why backups are created in the first place. The answer is pretty simple that sometimes people might want to roll back to their previous version or need to restore some data or maybe because they messed up while rooting and need to restore that is why backups are made beforehand and saved in your PC. It is usually noticed that some people start experimenting on their phones without creating backups which puts their devices at risk of going into soft break which leads to them going to their franchise and claiming the warranty or going to a local shop and getting it fixed by paying them some amount of money.


Pakistani Android mobile company which is known as QMobile and other Chinese mobile companies like Voice, VGO and Dany Mobile, etc. Although these Android Mobile companies have their websites but they do not upload backups there. So this tutorial will help users in creating a backup for their devices themselves and save it.

So let’s move on to the tutorial. Firstly, in order to make a backup for your phone it is necessary for you to root your phone. Follow the steps given below to make a backup for your phone.

how to create Qmobile backup Firmware Stock ROM

  • Download the software link above and open it.
  • Open the software and connect your phone to the PC using data cable and turn on the debug mode.
  • After connecting the phone via data cable if the yellow color is visible it means your device is already rooted and if blue square is visible it means that you need to root your phone.
  • After that click on the “Root” button on MTK software so it receives root shell.
  • Once root access is achieved the yellow block will turn green.


  • Click on the root backup recovery tab and then click on “Backup”.


  • Now the software will make a backup of your default ROM.
  • Making a backup takes a little time, thirty minutes or probably less. It depends on the internal memory of your phone, the larger the memory the more time it takes.
  • After the process of backing up is done a window will open. Click on “No” because we will convert the backup into SP Flash Tool.


  • For flashing backup we will click on the option “To Prepare blocks for Flash Tool.
  • Now go the backup folder on your PC and click on the backup folder for your respective device, there you will find a MD5 format file click on it so that your backup is ready for flashing.
  • MTK tool will automatically copy and ready it for SP Flash Tool. When it is done these options will appear on the to create Qmobile backup Firmware Stock ROM
  • Once the copying is done, there will appear a folder named as “!Files_to_FlashTool”.

There you go, now your backup is ready. Hopefully this tutorial was useful for everyone.